Theological Interpretation of American History

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"History does not proceed without the ideas of men behind it -- past, present, and future. Because of this, Gregg Singer's book is a must read for pastors' and people to understand the ideas behind our American history. It is surprising to see how much Calvinism and Calvinistic leaders helped guide our country's founding and achieved stability and freedom, especially for religion. The book is also a challenge to teach sound doctrine in the church to raise up faithful and thinking people to influence the ideas behind our future." --Pastor Fred Malone, Clinton, LA Table of contents 1 Introduction 1 2 Deism in Colonial Life 24 3 Transcendentalism and the Rise of Modern Democracy 51 4 Social Darwinism: Its Theological Background and Political Implications 92 5 The Social Gospel and Its Political Effects in American Life 142 6 Theological Liberalism after 1920 and Its Political Consequences 179 7 The New Deal and Its Consequences 223 8 World War Two and After 263 9 Conservatism and Liberalism, Theological and Political: Their Ebb and Flow, 1950-1980 278 10 Conclusion 325 11 Bibliography 343 12 Index 349