John Snyder

Appleseed Press

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Our pastors, church leaders, and vital ministries are being attacked and destroyed by powerful forces while virtually nothing is being done about it. Although aware of the fierce persecution aimed at Christians worldwide, terrorism by extremist religious groups in Asia, Africa, China, and the like, few of us will ever be thus persecuted or even arrested for our faith. However, the likelihood is very high of encountering the kind of persecution that has taken shape more recently. In fact, it's unlikely that a single church will escape it altogether. No one is immune. No pastor is safe from it. No church leader can afford to remain ignorant of it. It's happening right now! These Sheep Bite is a frank look behind the scenes at the unknown and dark side of the modern pastor's and church leader's life. This book takes the lid off church leadership abuse and offers practical and effective solutions on how to stop this abuse. It sheds light on common misperceptions of right "Christian" behavior and shows how courageous action on the part of a few will prevent the destruction of the body of Christ. If you love your church, pastor, and leadership, you will want to read this book.

  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • 9780976425618
  • 2006