They've Crossed the Line: A Patriot's Guide to Religious Freedom

Kerriel BaileyStephen Bloom

AMG Publishers

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This book will encourage and empower readers to engage the culture as bold witnesses for Christ. Too many Christians in America are being intimidated into silence and inaction. The sound advice and solid counsel in this book will help believers break free from the false constraints of prevailing legal misconceptions popularized and perpetuated by the anti- Christian secular Left and its allies in law, media, education, and entertainment. By reading this book, Christians will learn that the law does not require them to sit passively on the sidelines of American life! Each chapter begins with a short fictional vignette drawn from real-life controversies and circumstances. The vignettes are engaging, but intentionally unresolved, setting the stage for the legal counsel to follow. The tone of the counsel is relaxed and folksy, simple and direct, without confusing "legalese" or complex academic jargon. The relevant concepts are boiled down to plain English, and each chapter ends with a bullet-point action list of key take-a-ways. Is it still safe to live out our Christian faith in an increasingly secularized and hostile society? Do we risk being punished at school or on the job if we dare to take a stand for Christ? Can we be forced to shut up and sit down when we try to speak for Jesus in the public square? This book answers these tough questions and more with the kind of realistic and reassuring legal wisdom Christians need to be effective witnesses for the faith in 21st Century America.