Thoughts on Preaching

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Few things are more helpful to preachers than the thoughts of a great preacher. In this volume we have such 'THOUGHTS ON PREACHING' from the illustrious pen of Dr. James W. Alexander. First published in 1864, a few years after his death, it contains sections from his private writings with their illuminating comments on the work of the ministry. In addition to his 166 paragraphs on preaching and pastoral ministry, this priceless volume includes his masterful Letters to Young Ministers which covers such subjects as: DEVOTION TO THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY THE CULTIVATION OF PERSONAL PIETY THE HAPPINESS OF CHRIST'S MINISTRY CLERICAL STUDIES HOW TO FIND TIME FOR LEARNING LEARNED PASTORS EXTEMPORE PREACHING DILIGENCE IN STUDY and much more In addtion Dr. Alexander concludes this classic volume with five lengthy essays on the following topics: STUDIES AND DISCIPLINE OF THE PREACHER THE MATTER OF PREACHING EXPOSITORY PREACHING THE PULPIT IN ANCIENT AND MODERN TIMES ELOQUENCE OF THE FRENCH PULPIT