Threefold Cord: Dark Harvest Book 3

Jeremiah W. Montgomery

P & R Publishing

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The Dark Faith is rising again. . . . Will it bury the light? The machinations of the Dark Faith ignite war throughout the lands of Aeld Gowan. Desperate to marshal allies against the rising foe, Morumus embarks on a secret mission to the distant barbarian peoples of the North. Sinister events force Oethur to risk everything for his queen and his crown. Will he find justice? Meanwhile, agony haunts Urien in the dungeons of the Scarlet Bishop as she faces the loss of everythingeven her brother. Will the Ring of Stars be broken . . . or will the Red Order drag all of Aeld Gowan into the bosom of the Mother? Finally a trilogy that deals with clashing worldviews, true faith and vigilante monks all at the same time! Montgomery is to be commended for carefully exposing the evils of syncretism and clearly drawing the line between good and evil. A fast pace, multifaceted fantasy novel, The Threefold Cord delivers a fitting end to The Dark Harvest Trilogy