Thriving in Grace: Twelve Ways the Puritans Fuel Spiritual Growth

Brian G HedgesJoel Beeke

Reformation Heritage

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Using the Puritan writings judiciously, Joel R. Beeke and Brian G. Hedges provide twelve fascinating chapters on how the Puritans help us in a variety of ways, such as shaping our lives by the Scriptures, convicting our consciences of the subtlety and sinfulness of sin, opening for us the beauty and loveliness of Christ, and much more. Let this book transform your daily Christian life and move you to read the Puritan treasures for yourself.


Table of Contents:

1. The Puritans Shape Our Lives by the Authoritative Scriptures
2. The Puritans Lift Our Gaze to the Greatness and Glory of Our Triune God
3. The Puritans Convict Our Consciences of the Subtlety and Sinfulness of Sin
4. The Puritans Open Our Eyes to the Beauty and Loveliness of Christ
5. The Puritans Liberate Our Hearts with the Freedom and Power of Grace
6. The Puritans Engage Our Wills in the Practical Pursuit of Holiness
7. The Puritans Equip the Saints in the Battle against the World, the Flesh, and the Devil
8. The Puritans Inspire Our Hearts to Seek God’s Face in Prayer
9. The Puritans Sustain Us in Suffering with the Sovereign Providence of God
10. The Puritans Search Our Souls with Profound Psychological Insight
11. The Puritans Set Our Sights on Eternal Realities
12. The Puritans Fill Us with Sacrificial Zeal for God and His Truth
Conclusion: Reading the Puritans

  • Paperback
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  • May 20, 2020
  • 9781601787842