Track Politics - a Student's Guide to Politics

Joshua Wester

Christian Focus Publications

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People say that religion and politics shouldn’t mix, but God has a lot to say about how we live together. Politics touches many things in our lives, and so, as Christians, we should examine our political beliefs in the light of what God says.


Joshua Wester tackles crucial topics that young adults should be thinking about as they think about how they engage with the political process and get involved in conversations about politics. The Bible calls us to be good citizens who love God and love our neighbour – how does that affect how we vote?


An invaluable guide for those seeking to engage with the political process.


Chapter Headings:

  1. What is Politics Anyway?
  2. Why Should Christians Care?
  3. Politics and the Kingdom
  4. Political, Not Partisan
  5. Christians in the Public Square
  6. Straight Lines and Jagged Lines
  7. Legislating Morality
  8. Governing Authorities
  9. Are Politics Bad for the Church?
  10. Politics as Penultimate
  11. Politics as Public Witness
  12. Booklet
  13. 98 pages
  14. May 2024
  15. 9781527110540