Track Rest: A Student's Guide to Rest

William Smith

Christian Focus Publications

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We don’t rest well. The nearly unlimited opportunities and impossible expectations we are surrounded by can be exhausting. Something in us wants to do more, to be more. We’re addicted to busyness.


But God created us to rest. William P. Smith explains the importance of rest, and why God’s people have been commanded to rest. He also works through what it actually looks like to rest, so that we can all live within divinely set boundaries, and enjoy the peace that God promises.


Each chapter includes a summary of the main point, and questions for reflection.


Chapter Headings:

We Don’t Rest Well

A God Who Rests

God’s People Rest

What Goes into Resting?

What (else) Goes into Resting?

Resting is not Mere Inactivity

Elements of Rest

Rhythms of Rest

If Rest is this Wonderful … Why is it Hard to Do?

We Rest because We’ve Been Rescued

Learning to Live within Divinely Set Boundaries

Reordering Your World so that it Works


104 pages

May 2024