Trailblazer Box Set 7 - Americans

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It is quite obvious that the USA has produced some incredible human beings who have in their own way, changed, or affected the world. Well, this is also true when it comes to Christianity. Here are five very different people who in their own way, left their mark, not only on America but the world.


With a passion to reach the Ecuadorian Auca Indians, an indigenous tribe considered dangerous to outsiders back in 1950, a small team, starting slowly with gift parcels, then meeting with one or two, ended up being murdered by those they were trying to reach. Just when it looked like it was all over, it is hard to believe what happened next. 


We then learn about a woman who was to become a respected author and speaker, and was married to one of the team above, but was in no way in his shadow. In fact, she was to see and be involved in what came about because of their deaths, and it was, and still is, amazing. 


Then we find out about a young woman who, inspired by the early aviators, became a pilot, and served during WW2, along with many unsung heroines, ferrying planes and supplies around the country to help the war effort. She would eventually go on to help found what would become Missionary Aviation Fellowship, an incredible organisation to this day.


There are many evangelists in the world today – why not discover if one from the past was very different, especially one whose name is on many Christian organisations to this day. 


Lastly, we learn about a very educated and privileged young woman from the 19th century who felt called to China for most of her life. There is an annual offering for missions each year in her name, which has so far raised 1.5 billion dollars!


Explore the lives of these Americans who certainly left their Christian mark on our world

  • Boxed Set
  • 800 pages
  • 2005
  •  9781527105232