Transforming Preaching: Reflecting on 50 Years of Word Ministry

David Jackman

Christian Focus Publications

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In Transforming Preaching, David Jackman, reflecting on over fifty years of Word–ministry offers real encouragement and help with some of the ongoing challenges and pitfalls facing the preacher.

Each chapter addresses a different theme that will shape and sharpen the reader in their thinking about what it means to be a faithful expositor and servant of the Word.


Chapter Headings include:

  1. Preaching with the Right Goal in View
  2. Preaching that Grows People
  3. Preaching in line with God’s Agenda
  4. Preaching the transformational Intention
  5. Preaching to Cultivate a Robust Faith in a Shifting World
  6. Preaching the Whole Truth
  7. Preaching: Colossians a Test Case
  8. Preaching to Renew Minds
  9. Preaching That is Balanced and Well Crafted
  10. Preaching Law and Liberty Rightly
  11. Preaching that Recognises God’s Work and Ours
  12. Preaching that Expands the Mind


David Jackman is the ideal person to write a book like this. David has been preaching and training preachers longer than many of us have been alive. He is a terrific encourager of preachers and his insights, observations and exhortations will provide great stimulus for your own thinking.


  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • July 2021
  • 9781527106925