A Treatise of Baptism

Henry Danvers

Sprinkle Publications

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Written in the 17th century this is a defense of believers only baptism using the regulative principle with biblical argument and citing historic example. Earliest known book on baptism. Reprint of 1674 first edition. Brown hardcover with red highlights, bright gilt lettering on front cover and spine.
Originally published in 1674, this is a welcome addition the the current baptism debate. Often it has been said that Baptists historically have published little on the subject compared with the plethora of paedobaptism writings. No more can this be said in light of Danver's work. The volume is divided into two parts: (1) the establishment of confessor's baptism from Scripture and early church history, and (2) the refutation of paedobaptism from Scripture and early church history. Danvers' biblical argument much favors the principle that the reformed regulative principle of worship establishes a disciple's baptism while refuting the biblical silence of paedobaptism.