Trusting Through the Tears: God's Faithfulness in Times of Suffering

Keren Baker

Evangelical Press

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Living a faithful Christian life will always hold the possibility of trouble and difficulty, but how do you cope when the troubles come one after another? A chronic long-term illness, miscarriage, a difficult pregnancy and premature baby, the unexpected death of a little girl, a child suffering with mental illness, all against a background of struggles with finances and so many other things that ‘dark times’ seems a fearfully inadequate description. It is one thing to read of such things in the life of perhaps a missionary or some great saint, but how does an ordinary family in an ordinary city in the UK cope? Keren’s story will certainly move you, but it will also encourage you. As she says, This is our story. A tapestry of God’s goodness and grace in dark times. We haven’t finished this struggle but continue as others do … I hope that whether it’s your tears or your tears on behalf of someone else, this book will make you wonder at the care and compassion of God, contrasting your helplessness with his sovereign power. His all enabling power can lift you so that, with his help, you can meet each day with the strength to go on.

  • Paperback
  • Pages 132
  • 9781783972586
  • Feb 2020