Truth In All Its Glory

William Edgar

P & R Publishing

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A winsome introduction to Reformed theology Commends the richness and beauty of a Reformed worldview yet is not uncritical of abuses associated with it Traces origins and implications for the church and its calling in the world Shows sensitivity to issues and challenges before the Church This guided tour of the Reformed faith highlights the glory of God's truth and grace. William Edgar takes us first to the historical roots of the Reformed tradition and then leads us through its major doctrines, including God, the trinity, revelation, creation, the fall, redemption, and the church. He gives special attention to the doctrines of salvation and makes suggestions for further understanding and application of a Reformed worldview to our age. An introduction to Reformed theology, Truth in All Its Glory can be used formally, for example, in a study group or membership class, or less formally, by friends who hope to introduce friends to the Reformed faith.
  • Paperback
  • 301 pages
  • 2004
  • 9780875527949