Twelve Unlikely Heroes: Study Guide

John MacArthur

Thomas Nelson

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Enoch, who never died . . . Samson, who killed an army with a donkey's jawbone . . . James, who grew up as the brother of the Messiah . . . These are fascinating people whose stories are woven through history and the Bible. They show us God at work in unexpected ways and numerous cultures. They each reveal another little piece of His great plan. But how do they affect my life? If John MacArthur's Twelve Unlikely Heroes presents intimate portraits of these individuals, this study guide is the bridge between those portraits and our daily lives. Commentary and poignant questions bring the points home with unflinching candor, urging us toward a deeper walk with the One who has written all our stories. REWINDlook again at important passages RETHINKcheck all the angles REFLECTconsider how it affects you REACTchange your life