Two Men From Malta

Joe Serge

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TWO MEN FROM MALTA--one of the men is the Apostle Paul, the other is Joe Serge, a Toronto newspaperman and columnist. In this book Serge describes his odyssey from Roman Catholicism to the faith of the Reformation. Serge invited Joel Nederhood, a theologian and long time radio and television teacher, to join him in examining primary Roman teaching such as "the Mass," "Mary," "the Papacy," and the essence of salvation itself. Dr. Nederhood, whose published works include THIS SPLENDID JOURNEY and THE FOREVER PEOPLE, has produced a highly readable and provocative examination of the biblical material that Roman Catholic believers should consider as they evaluate their faith position. This book conveys the high sense of freedom that Joe Serge experiences now that he has embraced the biblical teachings of salvation by grace alone, apart from works. The book also conveys sincere respect for Roman Catholics who will read it. And there can be no question that Joe Serge is praying that many who read TWO MEN FROM MALTA will join him in following the biblical teaching that reveals that Christ's works, not ours, will bring sinners into glory.