Understanding the Times: Living in the Light of the Arrival of the King

William Taylor

Christian Focus Publications

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How should churches and individual Christians react to the increasingly secular and amoral world in which we live? Through a study of three key chapters in Matthew's Gospel (chapters 8-10), Taylor argues that Matthew wanted his readers to understand God's perspective on the times in which we live. Through an analysis of the way in which Matthew presents the miracles Jesus performed and the teaching he gave his disciples, Taylor concludes that we do not live in a day which calls for judgment and condemnation, but rather one demanding gut-wrenching compassion for sinners and a bold proclamation of the forgiveness of sins Jesus came to bring. The arrival of King Jesus inaugurated the era of his kingdom rule, a foretaste of the world to come, but we still live in a fallen world, which will inevitably be in conflict with his kingdom people. Taylor draws out the lessons Matthew was teaching about the terms and conditions of discipleship and the family ties of kingdom living. Above all, the urgent need for persevering and intense prayer is emphasised. This book contains questions for further study at the end of each chapter, making it useful for both individual and group study. There are also helpful comments for those wishing to preach on these chapters.