Village Hymns for Social Worship

Asahel Nettleton

International Outreach

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The complete text of Asahel Nettleton's hymnal including over 180 of the hymns set to the music recommended by Nettleton in the original work in a modern hymnal format. The text section contains 600 hymns with over 50 by John Newton, 48 by Isaac Watts, along with hymns written by William Cowper, Phillip Doddridge, Samuel Davies, Timothy Dwight, and others, most of which have been lost to this generation. Sections of the hymnal include: God, Christ, Alarming, Penitential, Doctrines, Graces of the Spirit, Conviction and Conversion, The Sinner Awakened, The Convert, Times and Seasons, Time and Eternity, Death and Heaven, and more. One of the best hymnals ever produced.