Walking as He Walked

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"A Christ-centered tour de force which gets us into Christ's servant heart and asks the pointed questions of what that means for us who are in union with Him. Deeply and affectionately pastoral, Dr. Beeke gives us a magestirial example of puritan- infused, preached prose that is as fresh as the air we breath. Like the puritan Richard Sibbes, know to his contemporaries as 'the sweet dropper' Dr. Beeke has a similar touch, presenting to us the confidence, richness, depth, and encouragement of the gospel." Derek W.H. Thomas "Too much modern presentation of the Christian faith is anaesthetized to remove pain and emotional stress. But here Dr. Beeke shows that if we mean to follow Christ realistically, we must gird up our loins, take up His cross, and press on through the thorns until we come into His glorious presence above. No cross, no crown. The love of Christ constrains us to follow in His steps until we see His blessed face. 'Walking as He Walked' conveys a much needed message today." Maurice Roberts