Warfare of the Spirit

Moody Publishers

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The life of a Christian is one that is packed full of conflict. It is a persistant struggle against the evil forces of the world, the flesh and even the deceiving ways of Satan. Daunting is the task of deciphering one's purpose on this earth. Christ charges his believers to spread the good news of His death and resurrection to the world, but shouldn't our first concern be to become spiritually worthy enough to even consider witnessing to others? Tozer answers these questions before they result in ailments of the soul. He breaks down the spiritual warfare that is going on all around us, in both the physical and spiritual realms. He examines many aspects of the human experience that can potentially damage us spiritually-- concerns about money, social status, conflict with others, even reminding us to maintain focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Tozer unapologetically states the dangers of adhering to a theology that absolves the unbeliever of any punishment. For if there is no hell, he warns, there is no heaven either. Beginning this book with a triumphant call to battle, A.W. Tozer inspires the believer to seek and destroy the evil forces working in this world. This book empowers its reader to eradicate complacency and sloth and live actively for the Lord every day.