What the Bible Teaches About... Worship

Robert L. Dickie

Evangelical Press

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It is the authors belief that there is in these days a stirring within the Church of Jesus Christ. People are hungering and thirsting for a deeper and richer experience of the presence of God in worship. Many of the Lords people are growing tired with the superficial and silly innovations that have been substituted for the worship of God, and which have been the cause of so many debates, struggles and conflicts within the church. What is worship? How do we worship? What is acceptable worship? In this thoroughly biblical and immensely practical work Pastor Bob Dickie answers such questions by directing us to the clearest example of worship in the Scriptures. In Revelation chapters 4 and 5 the Lord pulls back the curtains and allows us to get a glimpse of what true, biblical worship is. It should be centered on Christ and reflect the example of worship that is taking place in the throne-room of heaven right now.



Evangelical Press, 2007

Pages: 154

ISBN: 9780852346594