When Your Child is Ill

Scott James

New Growth Press

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Walking with a child through health problems can be a frightening and painful process for both parents and their children, whether facing a sudden catastrophic diagnosis, a chronic condition, or even common childhood ailments. Children want to understand what is happening and why, and parents may face rising fear and anxiety when their children are in distress. How do you guide your child through this difficult experience? 

Pediatric infectious diseases physician Scott James come alongside struggling parents with guidance for walking through hard times with a hurting child.He will help you acknowledge the pain and difficulty of your child’s illness, stand on the solid ground of God’s Word as you trust his promises to care for you in any circumstance, and receive the blessing of meaningful relationships as a member of the body of Christ.As you walk through this trial, you will find Jesus to be a faithful guide to a hard-fought hope. 


24 pages

Aug. 2022