Who Is This Jesus?: A Prophet? a Great Teacher? a Lunatic?... or Someone Else?

E.M. Hicham

Evangelical Press

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Who is this Jesus ?
A prophet...a great teacher...a lunatic...or someone else ?
Without doubt the key figure of human history is Jesus. If you live in the western world the date written on the currency in your pocket and on today's newspaper has been fixed with reference to his birth. Jesus never wrote a book or song, yet more books and songs have been written about him than about any other person who has ever lived.
The opinions about Jesus are countless. People often agree that he was a good man and did great works, but many refuse to accept his,and the Bible's, claims that he was divine,or that he came into this world to save people from their sins.
Is there any evidence that Jesus is God ?
Here E. M. Hicham looks the facts and shows us clearly that Jesus is indeed exactly who he claimed be: the Son of God and the Saviour of sinners. If all Jesus taught is true,then the inevitable conclusion is that there is nothing more important inline then what you think about Jesus.

126 pages
© 2010
ISBN 9780852347188