Who Needs the Church? Why We Need the Church (and Why the Church Needs Us)

Terry L Johnson

Christian Focus Publications

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A thought–provoking introduction to the importance of the local church

It seems that increasing numbers of professing Christians in the West do not attend church. Church, to many, has become a place to go when it is convenient, to have one’s needs met. Terry L. Johnson asks whether our individualistic, dismissive attitude to the gathering of the local church can be squared with that of the New Testament.

Examining what the Bible has to say about the church, Johnson shows why the local body of believers is an essential part of the life of every believer – and the role that each individual believer plays in the life of the church. This thought–provoking, challenging book will benefit every believer.


I.          Introduction

            1.         Our Collapsing Ecclesiology                                                            

II.         What Scripture teaches

            2.         Jesus and the Church 

            3.         Keys of the Kingdom

            4.         Where Jesus is

            5.         The Good Shepherd and the Sheep

            6.         The Apostles and the Church

            7.         One Anothers and Community

            8.         Life Together

            9.         Covenantal Priority

III.       Clarifying Perspectives

            10.       Definitional Confusion

            11.       Visible or Invisible?

            12.       Hypocrites at Church

            13.       Denominationalism

            14.       Parachurch or Quasi–church?

IV.       Historic Perspectives                                                                                     

            15.       Mother Church

            16.       Body and Bride

            17.       Slighting the Church

            18.       Sola Ecclesia:A Sixth Sola? 


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  • Pages: 128
  • Publisher: Christian Focus
  • ISBN: 9781527108356
  • Publication Date: May 13, 2022