Wholeness Imperative (The): How Christ Unifies our Desires, Identity and Impact in the World

Scott Redd

Christian Focus Publications

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There is a yearning within all of us to be whole' a recognition that we live fragmented lives: striving and failing, believing but doubting, speaking one thing then doing another. We are all righteous sinners, in a battle with ourselves. In this semi biographical work, Scott Redd examines this fight, discussing how we should be approaching it theologically and practically, in our day to day lives. Filling each chapter with doctrines and biblical texts, Redd uses his theological training to tease out the idea of becoming fully functioning, love filled, Christ devoted people. There is also a focus on using a cross section of texts and concepts from the Old as well as the New Testament, making this a well balanced and enlightening discussion. With an engaging, humorous tone, The Wholeness Imperative presents Christ as the unifying force of our hearts and minds not abstract or unattainable, He is right in front of us, waiting to be embraced.
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • 2018
  • 9781527101524