Why Did Jesus Live a Perfect Life?: The Necessity of Christ’s Obedience for Our Salvation

Brandon D. Crowe

Baker Academic

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How does Christ's obedience relate to our salvation?

Speaking into current conversations about the nature of salvation, New Testament scholar Brandon Crowe sets out a new, comprehensive account of the nature of the atonement, exploring how this doctrine affects our participation in the life of God and in the shared life of the Christian community. Crowe builds on key insights from other historic substitutionary views, especially those associated with penal substitution, while clearing up persistent misunderstandings regarding those models.

Crowe argues that we are saved by Christ's perfect obedience, which has implications for understanding the gospel message, Christian hope, and discipleship. Not only is Jesus the quintessential model of faithfulness in a fallen world, but his unique work frees us from the burden of perfect obedience. This book will appeal to professors and students of the New Testament, pastors, and laypeople.


Part 1: Definitions
1. What Is Required?

2. The Basis of Justification
Part 2: Exegesis
3. The Obedience of the Last Adam

4. The Mosaic Law and Perfect Obedience
5. Jesus's Obedience and Salvation in the Gospels
6. The Obedience of the Perfect Priest
7. Obedience, Resurrection, and Salvation
Part 3: Implications
8. Jesus's Obedience and Our Justification

9. Jesus's Obedience and Our Obedience
10. What Is Required Is Finished


  • Paperback
  • 114 pages
  • Oct 2021
  • 9781540962508