William Grimshaw of Haworth (hardcover)

Faith Cook

Banner of Truth

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Faith Cook has drawn on unpublished and little-known sources to produce this comprehensive new biography of the man of whom John Wesley said, 'A few such as him would make a nation tremble. He carries fire wherever he goes'. John MacArthur, of Grace to You ministries, writes: 'Grimshaw's unflagging energy and vigorous defence of the faith was matched by a charitable spirit that was a model of true Christlikeness . . . a surprising measure of what he said and wrote is germane to the times in which we live. This is a welcome addition to the rich treasure trove already available from the Banner of Truth. It is also a classic example of what a good biography ought to be.'


  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 368
  • ISBN: 9780851517322
  • Publisher: Banner of Truth
  • Publication date: Dec 1, 1997