With Two Hands: Stories of God at Work in Ethiopia

Rebecca Davis

Christian Focus Publications

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Hidden Heroes series. Why would a crippled old man wait by the side of the road every day for twenty years? Why would a slave and a witch doctor walk for three days to find a man called Jesus? Why would a lame man purposely walk to a tribe where he knew he could be killed? Sixteen captivating episodes from one Christian mission in Ethiopia show the power of God in the midst of darkness. Find out about the invisible evangelist, the two girls who prayed and other astonishing stories. This is a book that will make you gasp at God's goodness! The evangelists in this book include one man named Dick McLellan. Born in Australia Dick had the privilege of working with SIM during the 1950s. This book contains some of his experiences as well as the stories of Africans who eagerly took hold of God's message with two hands. With joy in their souls they declared, "With this hand I renounce the devil and all his works! With this hand I surrender to Jesus Christ! All I am and all I have!"