Woman: Her Mission and Her Life: New Section: Four Monod Women

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New Translation by Constance K. Walker, Editor Adolphe Monod is best known for his book "Monod's Farewell" which was published most recently by P & R Publishing under the title LIVING IN THE HOPE OF GLORY. Monod was a gifted preacher in the Reformed Church in France. This volume is the substance of two sermons preached to the congregation in Paris in February 1848. The Translator has written, "In 2003, Solid Ground Christian Books reprinted an 1852 British translation of this monograph, which has been received with some enthusiasm. Now, as part of a series of Monod's works, a new translation is being offered. The goal has been to produce an English edition that is both more readable and more accurate than the earlier one. As in the other volumes in the Monod Classics collection, headings have been introduced to bring out the underlying structure and progression of the text. A new feature of this edition is a section showing how Adolphe Monod's teaching was exemplified in the lives of his mother Louise, his sister Adele, his wife Hannah and his daughter Sarah. This section is made up mainly of quotations from family correspondence and diaries."