Wonder of Grace

Herman Hoeksema

Reformed Free Publishing

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This edition of The Wonder of Grace is a reprint of the 1982 edition of Herman Hoeksema’s little classic on God’s sovereign grace. Originally a series of radio sermons broadcast on the Reformed Witness Hour program, The Wonder of Grace was first published as a book in 1944. In order to remain faithful to the words and ideas of the author, changes made to this edition were only stylistic in nature.

The author develops the concept of salvation by grace from the choosing of the believer by grace to the glorifying of the believer through grace. Each of the fifteen chapters is devoted to one aspect of the grace God bestows on the believer in the process of salvation. And as he progresses through the chapters, the reader will grow in the knowledge and confidence that salvation is by grace alone and that God is worthy of all praise and glory.


120 pages