You Make The Call: Choices that Make or Break Us

Ambassador International

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Flip open the restaurant menu, walk down the cereal aisle, or turn on the TV and it s bound to happen: we are inundated with options. Through the course of your life, you re going to get weary of making so many choices. Thankfully, choosing what dish to order, deciding which cereal to buy, or selecting a television show to watch won t make a big difference. But some decisions many in fact matter a great deal. Life is all about the choices we make. Make good ones and you do yourself a huge favor. Make crummy ones and, well, you ve got problems. Bad choices result in a life of more than your fair share of bad days. This book won t tell you what to do, but it just might keep you from making a terrible mistake in life that would derail your pursuit of happiness. The person you decide to marry, the career you pursue, even the friendships you choose to invest in these are some of life s biggest decisions, yet many are made far too casually. Dr. Ralph Carter has spent decades trying to point people in a direction that would enable them to live life well to make fewer mistakes to live life, as the writer of Proverbs puts it, skillfully. The key to living such a life is to make good choices. It s not rocket science, nor is it dumb luck. So are you going to start choosing well? You make the call.