God's Zoo - (Book 1): The King of Clubs

Christian Focus Publications

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The alternative way of doing a Holiday Bible Club! 6 weeks lessons if you are running a children's club 6 days of mounting fun for a Holiday Bible Club or VBS programme Do you want your children to realise that the Bible is God's relevant, exciting and dynamic guide (we are so glad you answered 'yes' to that one!)? TnT are the brains behind the successful 'On the Way' Sunday School materials for ages 2 to 14 years. 1. Reproducible - The activities can be photocopied so one book is all you need per teacher. It saves you money. 2. Multi-age - Each section has activities and fun sheets specially designed for 5-7 year olds and 8-11 year olds. It saves time and kids in the same family get the same message to take home. 3. Comprehensive - The syllabus contains a comprehensive summary of the gospel message. 4. Enjoyable - Children love it and learn from it, so you will enjoy it too! 5. Biblical - children and teachers learn together, both can be transformed. 6. Teacher-friendly - Lesson plans and preparation tips will help you teach well. It's designed by teachers who teach teachers. 7. Trustworthy - Editorially supervised by David Jackman, this material has been tested in a variety of different denominational and international settings. It's worthwhile and it works. This material is flexible enough to suit a variety of situations. You can use it for an evening club over a series of weeks, a Holiday Bible Club or VBS. Because you can photocopy the activity pages there are no extras to buy. It works with children from churched or un-churched backgrounds. It really works! That's why TnT materials are best-sellers