Hugh Latimer (Bitesize Biographies)

Richard Hannula

Evangelical Press

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Through thirty years of ministry, the voice of Hugh Latimer was the clearest and most influential in England for the great truths of the Reformation. His simple gospel message, and condemnation of the church's false teaching, was despised by the church authorities, but applauded by King Henry VIII and loved by the ordinary people. His straightforward Biblical preaching brought the gospel to many thousands of his countrymen. His stirring life was eventually ended in martyrdom.

Latimer was widely acclaimed as the foremost preacher of the English Reformation. His sermons still resonate with power and effect nearly 500 years since they were first delivered.  "I have an ear for other preachers," one nobleman said, "but I have a heart for Latimer."

This book is a helpful introduction to the life of one of England's leading Reformers. It highlights the state of the nation in the sixteenth century and, alongside that, brings out the godliness, conviction, courage and skill of Latimer.

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • 2013
  • 9780852349304