What is True Religion? (Cultivating Biblical Godliness)

Geoffrey Thomas

Reformation Heritage Books

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In this booklet, Geoffrey Thomas challenges us to examine our religious life and determine whether it lines up with the true expression of religion that God desires. Thomas examines Jesus’s teachings on religion and shows that true religion is not merely adding some good behavior to our lives or removing bad deeds, words, and thoughts. Rather, true religion reconciles a holy God to us sinful people through the loving work of His Son, Jesus Christ, our substitute. This fundamental aspect of true religion produces new life that results in genuine loving service to God.

The Cultivating Biblical Godliness booklets treat matters that are vital to Christian experience, and each contribution aims to address a wide variety of people and circumstances at a fundamental and introductory level. This includes teaching people what to believe in order to practice personal holiness as well as specific directions on how to cultivate biblical godliness in relation to issues that are common to God's people.

  • Booklet
  • 40 pages
  • 2020
  •  9781601788184