Commentary on Romans: A Shorter Commentary: (Eerdmans Classic Biblical Commentaries)

C. E. B. Cranfield

Eerdmans Publishing

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The Eerdmans Classic Biblical Commentaries series collects the best and most trusted Eerdmans commentaries from years gone by in a format that will make them available to readers for years to come. Some of the ECBC volumes were originally published in major commentary series, others as freestanding books. Some were first published decades ago, others more recently. Though written over the years for various levels of readers, the Eerdmans Classic Biblical Commentaries all have this in common: pastors, scholars, and serious students of the Bible continue to read them, study them, and rely on them to help unlock the meaning and message of the Scriptures. First published in 1985, this book offers an accessible, nontechnical abridgment of C. E. B. Cranfield's magisterial two-volume Romans commentary in the International Critical Commentary series. N. T. Wright called that ICC installment 'the finest work on Romans to appear this century' and F. F. Bruce hailed it as 'well worthy to take its place alongside the really great commentaries on Romans.' Following a brief introduction, Cranfield provides section-by-section and verse-by-verse commentary on Romans, based on his own translation from the Greek.
  • 388 pages
  • Paperback
  • 1985
  • 9780802800121