Genesis Vol. 2 (EP Study Commentary)

John Currid

Evangelical Press

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Genesis is a book about beginnings - the creation of the universe, the formation of mankind, the establishment of the covenant and the founding of the people of Israel. Many Christians regard the Old Testament as merely a collection of interesting stories to be taught in Sunday school, but which have little application for the church today except as providing examples or illustrations from a bygone, almost barbarous age. The truth is that almost every important church doctrine is found in 'seed' form in the book of Genesis - creation, fall, redemption, the doctrine of the Trinity, the promise of the Messiah, the establishment of the covenant and the hope of the resurrection are all to be found here. A 'seed' is planted in Genesis and then it sprouts and grows throughout the rest of the Bible until it finds its fruition in the person and work of Jesus Christ. God created the universe; it fell through the sin of humanity; and now God is in the process of redeeming it through the work of Christ. This volume covers the lives of the patriarchs Jacob and Joseph, ending with the Israelites living in Egypt.

  • Paperback
  • 433 pages
  • 2014
  • 9781783970117