Help! I'm Grieving

Rebecca Wigley

Day One Publications

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Grief is not something you ‘get over’ but rather something you have to learn to live with. The writer is movingly honest about the gamut of emotions, experiences and situations that accompany grieving, and in these pages readers, whether suffering grief themselves or witnessing it in others, will find help, not least as they are repeatedly directed to the God of all comfort.


Rebecca Wigley is a former dental nurse who is married to Stephen and is a mother of two and whose son passed away suddenly when she was 27 years of age. Rebecca is a keen crocheter who enjoys helping others and is also a member of a local church.


‘How can we be sustained through our gut-wrenching inner cries when well meaning people get it wrong? How do we cope with the lonely aches and longings of our hearts as we grieve for those we have lost? How can we not become overwhelmed with despair? How can we not be consumed by anger or bitterness? ‘This booklet helps the reader to consider and connect with Rebecca’s unique path, and humbly offers pointers towards healing, and the light of hope to anoint the reader’s own unique experiences of grieving.’

Dr Angharad Gray, NHS Community Psychiatrist

64 pages