Help! My Teen Is Depressed (Lifeline Minibook)

Christine Chapell

Shepherd Press

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If your teen is battling depression, you may be feeling helpless and hopeless. Perhaps you’re slowly coming to the realization that you have no idea how to rescue your child from the darkness he or she is in. Christine Chappell knows from experience that there are no quick and easy solutions, but here she provides biblical wisdom and encouragement to offer hope for the hopeless teen and help for the helpless caregiver.

Reading audience

  • Parents & guardians
  • Family members & caregivers
  • Teachers & counselors
  • Pastors
  • Student ministry leaders


  • Introduction
  • Understand the Experience of Depression
  • Observe God’s Care
  • Get to the Heart
  • Prepare for Common Challenges
  • Conclusion
  • Personal Application Projects
  • Where Can I Get More Help?

  • Booklet
  • 64 pages
  • March 2020
  • 9781633422049