Martin Luther: What Should I Do? #8 (Little Lights Series)

Catherine MacKenzie

Christian Focus Publications

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The true story of Martin Luther and the Reformation. What would you do if you were hungry and needed your supper? Would you stand outside someone's door and sing for it? At the boarding school in Eisenach, Martin and his friends had to sing for their supper. As well as working out ways to get some tasty food before bedtime Martin spent a lot of time thinking about how to get to heaven. Martin thought that he had to pray for hours on end, eat very little, work very hard and study a great many good books in order to have his sins forgiven. However, as he began to read God's Word for himself he discovered that the answer was not in doing these things, but by putting his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Hardcover
  • 24 pages
  • 2014
  • 9781845505615