Galatians: Navigating Life in View of the Cross

McKay Caston

New Growth Press

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In his Galatians Bible study, McKay Caston guides participants in keeping the gospel as the “true north” compass for their lives, allowing them to break free from religious rule-keeping and live with freedom and joy.  

Readers will be equipped to fix their eyes on Jesus from every point on the map, especially in those moments when waves of legalism threaten to steal their joy and hijack freedom. Paul’s message to the church in Galatia serves as a gospel compass for navigating life with the cross of the risen and reigning Jesus as their focus and guide.  

Galatians: Navigating Live in View of the Cross completely turns the tables on what most people think religion is. Keeping the gospel compass visible in each lesson helps readers rediscover how gloriously central God’s saving, sustaining, and sanctifying grace is to the entire Christian life.


128 pages