Classic Reformed Discourses and Essays

J. H. Merle D'Aubigne

Solid Ground Christian Books

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"D'Aubigne was one of a group of men that came to evangelical faith under the ministry of Robert Haldane in Geneva. Merle D'Aubigne devoted himself to the kind of edifying and Gospel defending ministry that he had observed in Haldane. His writing breathes sincerity and truth; his defense of the gospel is profound and erudite; his love for its defenders is infectious. The articles in this volume are sure to bring glory to God and true spiritual pleasure to his saints." - Tom J. Nettles Seventeen classic Reformed essays, discourses and homilies by the brilliant and godly Swiss Reformed Pastor-historian. Such topics as the following are included: -The Character Essential to the Theologian, and to Christians in General -Lutheranism & Calvinism: Diversity Essential to their Unity -The Study of the History of Christianity and its Usefulness in the Present Day -Geneva and Oxford -The Voice of the Ancients to the Men of the 19th Century -Family Worship


360 pages