The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism

Carl F. H. Henry


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An Influential Guide on Evangelicals’ Critical Role in Social Issues

As social problems including prejudice, classism, and war dominated conversations in the 1940s, orthodox Christians became known for their indifference rather than compassionate leadership around the issues. If the gospel has the power to change the world, shouldn’t Christians engage in global matters with biblical authority?

In The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism, theologian Carl F. H. Henry critiques separatist evangelicals and their absence from the social arena, calling on all Christians to unite humanitarianism with Christ-centered leadership to impact the kingdom of God. With cultural and political analysis that is still timely today, he inspires believers to reject pessimism about the human condition and embrace action, responding to global needs and pointing to Christ as the ultimate solution for every social ill.

  • Topical: Explores social ethics, politics, global order, and more from a Christian perspective
  • Theological: Compares religious liberalism and fundamentalism in culture, reformation, supernaturalism, and redemption
  • Edited Edition: This classic book from Carl F. H. Henry, a prominent figure in evangelicalism, has been updated with a foreword by Russell Moore

Foreword (2022) by Russell Moore
Foreword (2003) by Richard J. Mouw
Foreword (1947) by Harold J. Ockenga

Chapter 1: The Evaporation of Fundamentalist Humanitarianism
Chapter 2: The Protest against Foredoomed Failure
Chapter 3: The Most Embarrassing Evangelical Divorce
Chapter 4: The Apprehension over Kingdom Preaching
Chapter 5: The Fundamentalist Thief on the Cross
Chapter 6: The Struggle for a New World Mind
Chapter 7: The Evangelical “Formula of Protest”
Chapter 8: The Dawn of a New Reformation

General Index
Scripture Index

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  • May 2022
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