A Conversation With Jonathan Edwards

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Laid out in question and answer format, the author addresses a series of questions to which he replies from the writings of Edwards. Edwards work is presented in easy to understand modernized language.

Jonathan Edwards continues to capture the interest of many as one of America's greatest theologians. However, the very thought of reading the works of such an intellectual giant can be intimidating. In this book, W. Gary Crampton renders a clear and concise introduction to the thought of Jonathan Edwards in an enjoyable conversational format. By posing questions and crafting answers from selected quotations, Crampton provides a comfortable atmosphere for surveying the life and thought of Edwards. This dialogue makes an excellent resource for those looking for a brief and accessible guide on Edwards.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Edwards the Man

3. Edwards on Knowledge

4. Edwards on Scripture

5. Edwards on God

6. Edwards on Angels

7. Edwards on Man

8. Edwards on Soteriology

9. Edwards on the Church

10. Edwards on the Family

11. Edwards on Eschatology

12. Edwards on Heaven and Hell


  • 202 pages
  • Paperback
  • 9781892777768