Abuse of God's Grace

Nicolas Claggett

Northampton Press

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Antinomianism, the teaching that a Christian now has no relation to God’s law, is an age-old heresy. It is nothing new, as this book written 375 years ago shows. This is not a peripheral matter; it is a matter of true salvation or false hopes. Published

in 1659, the full title is “The Abuse of God’s Grace, Discovered in the Kinds, Causes, Punishments, Symptoms, Cures, Differences, Cautions, and Other Practical Improvements Thereof, Proposed as a Seasonable Check to the Wanton Libertinism of the Present Age.”


“I have written several books and read dozens more whose aim is to confront a variety of antinominan teachings. But Claget’s book is as meticulously thorough as any I have ever read. This is the very best kind of Puritan writing. It’s a powerful work

that is urgently needed to be brought back in print. This is a profoundly convicting book.” — John Macarthur


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