Adam: The First and the Last: Responding to Modern Attacks on Adam and Christ (Creation Points)

Peter Williams

Day One Publications

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Was there ever a real historical first man called Adam? Because of the theory of evolution, an increasing number of evangelical theologians are denying this, seeing Adam as stereotypical, a Neolithic farmer, the head of a tribe or an archetype of humanity. Some think he did not even exist. Yet denying the historicity of Adam and his Fall in sin has huge theological implications. If there was no Adam, the whole biblical message of creation, Fall and redemption falls apart. This book defends Adam s historicity and shows why he is so vital in Scripture. It also shows why, if you attack the first Adam , you ultimately attack the life, teaching and person of the Last Adam , our Lord Jesus Christ

  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • © 2018
  • ISBN 9781846256080

About the Author:

Simon Turpin is Executive Director and the primary speaker for Answers in Genesis UK.  He holds a BA in biblical and intercultural studies and an MA in theology, and is the author of several booklets on creation.  He is married to Jessica, and together they home-educate their seven children.