Adventures in Acts Volume 1 - Release date July 2024

David Luckman

Christian Focus Publications

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The book in the Bible known as Acts is all about what Jesus did after he went back to heaven after the resurrection. In it we see how the good news about Jesus spread all over the known world.


David Luckman retells every story from Acts in language that is easy to understand and, with help from illustrations by Silvana Di Marcello, shows how Jesus’ death and resurrection wasn’t the end of the story.


Volume One contains stories from the beginning of Acts up to chapter thirteen, and Volume Two contains chapters fourteen to twenty–eight.


Each two–page spread features one story, as well as these additional features:


  • Look Back – Read a passage from earlier in the Bible and see how God planned these events from long ago.
  • Check This Out – Read another passage from the Bible that relates to this one and see how they connect.
  • Think – Spend some time thinking about how what you’ve read is relevant to your life.


Adventures in Acts will help seven to eleven–year–olds engage with the breathtaking events of the Early Church in a totally new way!


68 pages

July 2024