Answering the Psalmist's Perplexity

James Hutchinson

InterVarsity Press

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There are now numerous models that seek to explain how the biblical covenants relate to one another. In an attempt to evaluate these models, James Hely Hutchinson mines the rich seams of the book of Psalms in this New Studies in Biblical Theology volume.

After covering the key data on covenant relationships in Books 1–3 of the psalter, Hutchinson considers the perplexity expressed in the pivotal Psalm 89: in the face of the exile, the promises to David appear to be null and void. The building blocks of the solution lie with the first five books of the Bible, chiefly with the inviolable character of the promises to Abraham. However, if the Abrahamic covenant is to reach fulfilment, the problem of sin must be dealt with once and for all, and a glorious new-covenant regime must be established in which a host of covenants converge in their fulfilment. Central to this regime, which lies beyond the exile, is the eternal rule of David's superior, righteous seed and son who is also a perpetual priest and a suffering servant.

Identifying new-covenant newness as "eschatological satisfaction (fulfilment)" and "transcendent inauguration," Hutchinson tackles a range of matters that contribute to our understanding of the contours of redemptive history, with the overall aim to enhance readers' grasp of God's breathtaking salvation plan, ability to handle Scripture aright, and worship of the Master.


272 pages

Jan. 2024