Big Questions Complete Collection - Release date 4/1/24

Chris Morphew

The Good Book Company

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As kids grow up, they start to ask big questions about God, the Bible and how the Christian faith intersects with the world around them. How do we know that Christianity is really true? Why does God let bad things happen? Who am I, and why do I matter?

Big questions like these deserve good answers.

Christian Studies teacher and school chaplain Chris Morphew has been answering tough questions from young people for over a decade. Big Questions is a series of fun and fast-paced books walking kids aged 9-13 through what the Bible says about life, helping them to grow in confident and considered faith. Now you can get all six books in this stylish slipcase.

With relatable stories, engaging Bible teaching and illustrative doodles at the start of each chapter, these apologetics books are great for kids, tweens or teens who have no church background, as well as for believers looking to deepen the foundations of their faith.