Christian Apologetics Past and Present: Volume 2, From 1500

K. Scott OliphintWilliam Edgar


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Amid a revival of apologetics, 'few things could be more useful than an acquaintance with how Christian faith was defended down through the ages,' say the editors in their introduction to this two-part anthology. 'Access to both historical and contemporary texts gives us fresh insight into how our fathers in the faith responded to the questions facing them.' Volume 2 in this one-of-a-kind resource takes a sweeping look at apologetics from the Reformation to the present. Readings from twenty-six apologists, including Martin Luther, John Calvin, Blaise Pascal, Jonathan Edwards, Sren Kierkegaard, Francis Schaeffer, Alvin Plantinga, and William Lane Craig are included. With editorial commentary and questions for reflection, Christian Apologetics Past and Present will prove a valuable text for students as well as a unique resource for those interested in defending the faith.

745 pages