Concord Cunningham Returns: The Scripture Sleuth 2

Mat Halverson

Focus Publishing

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Who sabotaged the school play? Is the bigfoot picture real or a fake? Did Mr. Morrison really find Murdock's lost gold mine? There's only one way to find out; Grab a Bible and get ready to Scripture Sleuth with Concord Cunningham! The world's most unique kid is back in Concord Cunningham Returns: The Scripture Sleuth 2, and once again he's using his Bible concordance to outwit villians. Concord investigates a new mystery in each chapter. Though Concord alway cracks the case, he never gives away the solution. Instead, at the end of each chapter, Concord reveals a Bible verse, and see if you can crack the case! There are twelve fun mysteries to solve, and the solutions are at the back of the book. Young and old readers alike will enjoy matching wits wth Concord Cunningham!