Through the Psalms Vol 1 : Psalms 1-41 a Devotional Commentary

Tony Bennett

Day One Publications

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Many of us will read Psalms and find great encouragement. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But do we really understand them? And do we read only our favourite psalms? Reading through Psalms consecutively allows us to pick up the recurring themes of the psalmists, to learn much about the character and attributes of our great and glorious God, and to experience the different kind of psalms – worship psalms, penitential psalms, psalms of lament and psalms of praise. For each psalm, I aim to show its historical setting, explain its meaning, apply its teaching to our daily lives, and see how the psalmist points us to the Lord Jesus Christ – all in just four pages.


  • Paperback 
  • 271 pages
  • 2022
  • 9781846257186